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  • Massage Therapist • Attorney (Business) • Attorney (Criminal) • Attorney (Estate Planning) • Florist • Dentist •
  • Health / Nutrition Products • Skin Care / Cosmetics • Travel Agent • Graphic Design • Gift Baskets •
  • Real Estate (Commercial) • Telecommunications • Photographer • Attorney (Real Estate) • Interior Design • Advertising • ‌
  • Auto Body • Security Systems • Wireless Communications • Attorney (Family Law) • Jeweler •
Visitations: September

Upcoming Events:

Weekly LeTip Meeting 09/17/14

Greeters: Jennifer deZutter & Ed Cartlidge
No Speakers - Business Networking
Showboat: Chris Rush & Joseph P. McCabe, Jr.

Program Reminders:
Greeters & Show Boaters must arrive by 6:45 am sharp
Failure to Greet, Show Boat or Speak $10.00
Late Greeter or Show Boater $1.00


By the time we get into August the Cycle will be complete, with our current roster you should see approximately 14 weeks between cyles.

If you miss a Showboat Week, or find a replacement, you will still Greeter the following week.
If you miss a Greeter Week, or find a replacement, you will still be the Speaker the following week.

Welcome to the offical Bordentown LeTip website. Visit often to stay up to date on upcoming events, new members, and open member categories.

LeTip Category List

How would your business grow if you could increase your sales force to thirty or more members without having to pay a commission or salary? What if this sales force could connect you with hard to reach customers with a referral?

About Us

LeTip of Bordentown is a local chapter of LeTip International based in Bordentown, New Jersey, serving Burlington County, as well as Southern New Jersey, Central New Jersey, and the greater Philadelphia area. Click below to find out more.

Our Members

Members of our chapter represent a variety of different business categories. As a member of LeTip of Bordentown, you become the exclusive provider for your products or services. Conflicts of interest are not allowed. Check below for more.

How To Join

Joining LeTip of Bordentown starts when you attend your first free breakfast networking meeting. As a guest, you will give two commercials for your business and pass out business cards to our members and other guests.

If you would like to learn more about Membership Opportunities
Please contact Gary Strucke, our Membership Chair at (856) 912-3363 or