What really makes LeTip work?

The individual, the membership and the chapter. Our members are courteous, talented and respectful and have a stellar reputation in their field. Your chapter is like having a hidden sales force out there marketing your business for you. LeTip has a proven recipe for success that offers business opportunities without competition from others in your field.

What are the expectations?

LeTip expects you to attend meetings, if you aren’t attending you can’t build relationships or receive business opportunities. Members are expected to pass qualified referrals. We expect you to be an ethical professional and experienced in your field of business. In return, LeTip offers the opportunity for growth and potential new business via our members promoting your services throughout their clients and community.

What's a Power Partner?

Ever hear of a Power Partner? LeTip has Power Partners, they are members in a closely related industry/field that bounce work off each other. For example, an HVAC contractor and a Plumbing contractor or a Mortgage broker and a Realtor. When you have these members in a chapter, business flows, opportunities are grown and relationships are made. Imagine the opportunities with a Power Partner.


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“I’ve received so much business over the years as a member. I wouldn’t give up my seat for anything.”

“I feel great every time I give a lead to one of our members ”

“I’ve made so many new contacts since I’ve joined. I keep up with members like family”

“I never have to worry about hiring a pro – I always have a reliable resource for any job”

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